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Monday, November 14, 2011

PJ Day at School?!?!

To encourage good behavior all of the time in our students, our principal began an incentive 'program' called the 50 A's. Each classroom has a chart with 50 boxes on it. Mine looks like this...
Whenever a class travels from one place to another on campus, the chart goes with them. If someone in the class is caught being extra good or doing something wonderful, or if the entire class is just on their best behavior during the time that they are away from the teacher, another teacher might give them an A on the chart. When it is full, the class gets to do something to celebrate. Typically, in kindergarten, when the first chart is 'all fulled up' (in the words of the kiddos), the class has a pajama party! Other parties have been a dance party, board game party, Disney party, beach party, a get the idea. So Friday was our day to have our pajama party. It went a little something like this...

A movie they'd never seen!

And popcorn, since we have worked hard on the sound Pp makes!!!

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