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Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Big Fat Turkey!

To teach our kinders about Thanksgiving, we put on a program each year that tells the story of how the Pilgrims came to America. The students begin practicing lines and scripts immediately after Halloween. It is a LOT of work! This year, I had more Indians than Pilgrims, so I had to do a little costume creating. I also made myself a new costume. It all looked a bit like this...
This is what all the Indian costumes looked like before.
Now they are the Indian boy costumes.
Supplies...yes, those are chocolate drops with vanilla creme...necessity.
The basic shape. The fabric was this great fuzzy clue what it was called!
Finished!!! They were so cute!
A few of the wild Indian Boys!

And the adorable Indian maidens!
I had plenty of Pilgrim costumes for the boys and the girls. They don't change much anyways, so I couldn't spruce them up any. My cute lil' Pilgrim kids looked like this...

Finally, there was a Turkey Hunt in our play. The Big Fat Turkey was one of my sweeties! Wouldn't you love to catch this Turkey?

The kinderbabies did such a fantastic job! We performed twice, once for the school as a dress rehearsal and again for the parents in the evening. They all did great on their lines, songs, and motions. It might have been the best year for our Thanksgiving play yet!

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