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Sunday, February 6, 2011

50 A Day #3!!!

Our principal began a behavior incentive a few years ago called 50 A's. It consists of a chart of 50 boxes attached to a clipboard. Each class from PreK - 4 has one, and that clipboard goes everywhere the class goes. When the class is caught being good or doing something good, whoever caught them initials a box on the chart and adds an 'A.' The classroom teacher can not give her own class an 'A,' but can take an 'A' away if the class is being extra unruly. Some things that are considered 'A' behavior are: standing quietly in line, walking through the building respectfully, following the lunch room rules, and behaving during inside recesses. The entire class has to be doing the right thing in order to get a box filled in. 

When all 50 boxes are full, the class gets to have a celebration! Some common themes are pajama day, character day, beach day, western get the idea. Last week, my class finished their 3rd chart for the year!!! They chose to have a 'play centers all day' celebration with...


Sight Word Matching

 Letter Sounds/Recognition Games

Rice Box

Dramatic Play


All in all, a fun day was had! The students changed centers every 30 minutes so that they wouldn't get bored. They never knew they were learning the entire was just pure fun.

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We have something like that in my kids school!
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