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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just Say No To

Yesterday, we attended a motivational program given by Ron Cole. He travels around the country putting on three shows a day, with about a ten to twelve hour break between states. 

His shows consist of a lot of contemporary popular music, such as "Just the Way You Are" and "Party Rock Anthem." He also does a few originals. The theme of the show is that to have a good time and to be successful individuals that enjoy life, you don't have to do drugs or drink alcohol. Mr. Cole goes on to say that just because someone calls you names or says bad things about you, does not mean that they are right. He encourages students to ignore them. To believe in themselves. I loved watching the kinders sing along and dance to the music of this great show! (Sorry for the poor quality of the pics, the lighting was rough!)

And...I had a super cute surprise given to me by a student...she and her mom love crafting as much as I do, and we get to have the results in our classroom! Thanks P for the presents!
book pumpkin and canning jar ghost!

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