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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It Was Just Plain Funny!

We were counting our way into the 100 Club. One student in particular was going pretty slowly. The counting was great til "five-tee." And so it went. "Five-tee-one, five-tee-two, and so on." I had to correct the student, and on the counting continued, until "snebenty." It was here that I couldn't make the correction. It was so darn cute!

So when the counting was finished, finally reaching 100...wait for it...another student shouted, with his hands lifted high, "Praise the Lord, ___ is done! ___ did it...___'s in the 100 Club! Halleluiah!!!" I almost fell in the floor I was laughing so hard. The 'counter' was beaming with pride, and the entire class began to cheer. It was a great day to count to 100!

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