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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sick Day!

Today, I spent the day at home, taking care of my daughter. She was sick with an awful stomach bug! She lost her lunch (and everything else in her belly) 9 times during the night last night. Not good. While I was home (in between cleaning her up and getting her to take fluids), I worked on the unit that we will be beginning next week. I am excited to begin teaching writing in more depth and detail than ever before! High-lights of the next six weeks in literacy will include: events in a sequence, ordinal numbers, story sequencing, distinguishing between letter/word/sentence, and beginning sentences with a capital letter in the first word. We will still continue to work on letter recognition, primary sounds of letters, color words, sight words, nursery rhymes...basically everything that we have been doing...with more!

I also updated the "Blogs I Love" page. Check out some awesome teaching and learning blogs there!

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