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Monday, September 12, 2011

A Look Around the Room

This post is way overdue, I know, but I wanted to show the new look in my room this year. I went with Owls...The Knight Owls! As part of our new leadership program, each classroom is a part of our schoolwide community. There are rooms themed as a movie theater, a bakery, recycling center, farmer's market, and so on. My room was designated as the quilt shop, as a result of last year's quilt donation. I really struggled with the notion of how to combine the owls and the quilt shop, until I hit upon the idea of The Knight Owls one evening when I was crafting into the wee hours...and here are portions of the result...

Easy to make...Click for template!
New curtains that I LOVE!

Check out the announcement board...just fabric and ribbon!

My awesome owl calendar!!!

The fantastic hall decor hand drawn by my amazing hubs!


Mother of 5 boys said...

Your room is so cute, I love the Owls! When Sam sees anything owls he wants to get it for you! He wanted to color you a picture the other night, I asked him if it was for me he said no it's for my Mrs.Knight. It was so cute. He got in the mood to color and he colored about 8 pages in his color book. He is doing better coloring, he isn't just coloring the picture all the same color as much he colors spongebob yellow his mouth red, his teeth white and his shoes brown. He is having some trouble now trying to sound out the word, he want's to stop there and not spell it and say it. I hope he get's this new set of words this week, were trying. I am so happy to have you as his teacher, if I have to have my little man away from me for the day I truely trust him to be with you. Thanks again Mrs.Knight. Ps you have a a very nice looking family. Sam said he thought you were going to have a baby is that true? You look so happy with you Knight!

Jeri Lynne said...

He is so sweet! There are definitely no babies in my future, but with so many teachers expecting, it would be easy for all of the kiddos to think that we are all going to have one! He is definitely doing much better, with everything! I am extremely proud of his progress.

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