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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Welcome to Open House!

Welcome to Open House 2011!

I am so excited to get started with the new school year, and I hope that you are too! I would like to welcome you to my class blog, which I hope that you will mark on your favorites list at home (or just visit, and click 'follow') and remember to check back often. On this blog you will find photos and video clips of things that we do in the classroom, links to fun websites for the kiddos, as well as reminders of things to come. I hope that you enjoy all that you will see on here!

In the meantime, while you are here, please remember to:

1. Fill out the transportation form regarding how your child will go home on the first day.
2. Complete the notecard at your child's seat.
3. Unpack school supplies.
4. Look around! Check out the room; explore a bit!
5. Take home the manila folder at your child's seat and fill out the paperwork inside. Return the folder with completed forms on the first day of school. It is essential that you fill out all forms, even though you may have done so when you registered, as information sometimes changes.

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