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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Welcome Home Daddy!

The daddy of one of my kiddos was on deployment for the last year. He came home last week, but because it was the week of our statewide standardized testing, the family decided to leave the kids at school and let him surprise them after the test was over for the day. I knew ahead of time that he would be coming as soon as he could get there, so I did my best to make her wonder when she was getting picked up to go see him. I could let you imagine the look on her face when she saw him through the window of the door, but I will let you just see...

Absolute joy! She couldn't talk, other than to say "My Daddy, my Daddy!"  The other kids wanted to know about him and where he had been, and they thought it was amazing that he had been away since she was 4 and now she is 5! She cried and giggled and it was almost like she couldn't decide which she should do so both came out, and honestly, it was all I could do not to cry too!

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