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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Leprechauns Have Left the Building!!!

St. Patrick's Day is always a day full of fun for me. We spent all week getting ready for a possible visit from the Leprechauns, so this post will have picture overload!!! One of my students was in my class last year, and remembered, with fervor, that the Leprechauns snuck into our room when we were gone and "destroyed our classroom!!" I explained to them that last year we were unprepared. So this year...we were ready. We wrote letters to the wee little men...

And we definitely decorated our room with lots of fun holiday themed activities...

And happened. The Leprechauns came. We came back from art class, and there was golden dust everywhere! It was in a path on the floor, on chairs, covering the tables...apparently everywhere those little Irish men went. They wrote us a lovely little note and left treats (and tiny footprints) in return for our nice gestures of welcome!

I didn't catch a photo of it, but those tiny guys left little cups of Leprechaun powder (pistachio pudding) and instructions for how to make a Leprechaun snack. We mixed and mixed (and mixed some more), after we counted 20 tiny cups of powder and 6 cups of milk...and the result? Green goop with golden nuggets (the pistachio pieces) that the kids HATED!!! I wasn't surprised that they didn't like it, but am so proud that they tried it!

My favorite activity that we did new this year was an activity that I got from Mrs. Carroll at The First Grade Parade. It was so cute! I am so thankful that she posted the idea and printables.

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Melanie said...

How cute!!! My Daughters K class was just as excited. They all made some Traps and this morning, there was green dust everywhere, and little notes in everyones trap :) I love how young kids get such a kick out of these things!

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