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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Family Christmas Night

Each  year at our school, we have a special night dedicated to a celebration of the Christmas season. It is considered a literacy event because there is a reading of a Christmas book for the children and their families. At this reading, there is ALWAYS hot cocoa and cookies! After the story and snack, guests are taken on a tour of our elementary and kindergarten buildings. Why? You would think that they had all seen it by now! No, really, it's a tour of the buildings...all gussied up for the holidays!!!

This year, the theme of our family Christmas night is "Light Up the HALLidays." In the kindergarten building we always coordinate our decor so that our entire building is the same general theme. Last year, we were 'Gingerbread Lane,' and I promise you, it was super cute! We were a little stumped on our theme for this year. Other than hanging lights from the ceilings, how do you 'light up' classroom doors? Then, it was suggested that Rudolph has a bright and shiny that can light up the whole sky for Santa's, the birth of an idea began. So this year, we are Santa's Stable. The door to the kindergarten office shows Rudolph, leaping with excitement over Christmas Eve's rapid approach. Each classroom door is decorated as one of the other reindeer, with a description of that door's reindeer on display. Let me tell you, it is uh-'door'-able!!!

 Our door showcases "Prancer." 

Prancer is Santa's navigational expert! However, she is rather clumsy. I chose to have her tangled up in her holiday decor, with her compass dangling from her antlers. She also has her handy dandy map in hand, ready to fly on Christmas Eve!

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