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100 Club!!!

As an incentive to learn to count all the way to 100, the students in my class are granted membership to the "100 Club" when they count independently from 0 to 100. The entire class listens and cheers each class member on (without helping them) as they work to reach this milestone. As the classroom teacher, it is my goal for the entire class to be in the club by May. The kinders know that this is my goal for them, and they all want to be a part of the club...and they all want each of their classmates in the club with them! It is so awesome to listen to them get excited for each other and to hear them say..."Come on, you're almost there, You.Can.Do.It!!!" to each other every day. Members of the 100 Club get an award and have their picture posted. Here are the 2013-14 members...


Photo         Photo         Photo