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Friday, January 20, 2012

Black Bear Jewel

Thanks to one of my kinder's mom, I have this awesome link to show the class. We watched it today for a while, and everyone was so excited about it! It is Black Bear Jewel, a soon-to-be first time Momma Bear, in her den on a live webcam. It is amazing! I promised the kids that I would post the link so that they could watch her at home this weekend. She is expected to give birth any day. Enjoy! 

The class worked together to write a story about her. I wish I had snagged a photo of the story that they wrote. We all shared the pen, and it was a masterpiece! It went like this...

A black bear is in her den. Her name is Jewel. She will have babies. She is sleeping and she snores.


Anonymous said...

the cubs were born on Jan 22, 2012. We couldn't see anything on the video but could hear. Patience was so excited! We are still following them and have learned so much about black bears. Mrs. Knight I'm so happy you were about to share this with the class. Such a great learning tool!

The Knight Life said...

I have still been keeping up with Jewel and her cubs. They are so fun to watch! We try to sneak a peak at them once a week in class. The kids ask every day if we can 'check on Jewel and her babies.' Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

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