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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Read All About It!

When the second semester begins at my school, kindergarten gets ready. Ready to read that is! This year, I am blessed with several 'natural readers' and several more that are 'eager readers.' I am so excited to be their teacher!

The natural readers have just picked up the necessary skills more or less on their own and were reading in August and September. The ones that I call 'eager readers' are the students who are just on the cusp and they know it! They are like race cars with engines revving in anticipation of the take-off. This week, three more have shot forward!

We have worked on blending phonemes for the last two weeks, and began working on CVC words in particular this week. Our focus is on the short vowel sounds for the most part, although the natural readers have begun working on silent /e/ and long vowel sounds. One activity that the class really enjoys is making their own mini-books. We have made two books for each short vowel sound.

In the beginning there is a sheet of paper. The babies illustrate (color) the story and then cut the pages apart. The next step is a bit tricky for them, as they must put the pages in order. If the book pages do not have page numbers on them already, we add them before cutting. When they have the pages in the correct order, I staple their book together. Finally, when all books have been assembled, the 'class reader' tells the story by decoding and reading the words. The final result is a bit like this...


LeeAnn said...

It's funny that I am working on some of the same skills (at a slightly higher level!) with my 5th and 6th grade struggling readers. I have found some great videos from The Electric Company on You Tube. My kids have liked the Bossy R Rap and Silent E is a Ninja. You might want to check them out!

Michelle said...

Short vowel sounds are where I like to start teaching first too. Most beginning reader books have a lot of CVC and VC words with short vowel sounds.
Have you checked out Starfall or Progressive Phonics. They have free online phonics. I share links to these and other resources for teaching phonics here.

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